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Have you noticed how adding some glass and mirrors can change the way your house or business look? Osage Beach Glass offers a wide range of glass repair, glass replacement, and glass installation services for residential and commercial customers. When you have broken windows or cracked glass in any residential, commercial, or automotive applications, call us.

We can repair or replace any glass products associated with windows, storm windows, screen doors, and windows, framed and frameless glass showers and glass enclosures, curtain walls and storefronts, mirrors, tables, automobiles, and more. 

We proudly serve all properties, automobiles, and marine vehicles throughout Lake Ozark, Missouri, and the surrounding cities. Our glass technicians are experts in what we do. Our services are backed up with a year labor warranty program.

Residential Services of Osage Beach Glass

The location, architecture, and the items in your home speak to your unique style and individuality. At Osage Beach Glass, we offer an array of durable yet affordable residential glass and window treatments that will surely complement the unique style of your home.

Since 1977, Osage Beach Glass has been serving Lake Ozark, Missouri with residential glass repair and replacement services. Our team of glass experts takes pride in performing quality workmanship on every job, no matter the size. 

Whether you need double pane window repair, custom glass mirrors, insulated glass replacement, or even emergency home window replacement, the pros at Osage Beach Glass got you covered.

Commercial Services of Osage Beach Glass

Whether you want to renovate an entire hotel lobby or replace your doors on your storefront, Osage Beach Glass has been providing innovative commercial glass solutions for over four decades.

We care deeply about the needs of our customers. We understand what it takes to make tight deadlines and do so on a budget. That’s why some of the area’s finest business owners, property managers, and general contractors trust us to handle all their interior and exterior commercial glass needs.

Why Choose a Professional Glass Company?

Custom glass in your home or business adds a touch of class. However, even with the fragile nature of glass, handling the job yourself is not advisable.

If you need custom glass, you must choose a professional glass company to handle the job.

Below are some of the reasons for this.

Proper Installation

A professional has the technical know-how to install glass. They understand and follow all manufacturer’s recommendations. They also consider the local climate to ensure your glass won’t be damaged or distorted by fluctuations in temperature.

Understanding of Compliance

Nothing slows down the work in approving a glass project more than non-compliance. When you work with a home and commercial glass company, they know all the laws and regulations in your area to guarantee compliance.

Simple Consultation Process

As an owner, you know what you want when it comes to glass in your home or business. However, consulting with an expert from a glass company will ensure that your choice is the best fit. They can also reveal new options to help you make a more informed decision.

Eco-Friendly and Safe Disposal

You may not have considered this, but working with glass creates waste. This waste can be hazardous to not just your pets and children, but to the environment as well. Experts who work with glass know the correct process to remove all glass waste safely from the worksite and recycle it when possible.

Quality Materials Ensured

The performance of your glass depends on several components. The experts know all the components needed for your particular glass job. Since they are in the industry, they know the best places to get quality materials, the latest equipment, and technology.

Efficient Repairs

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional glass company is their ability to fix or repair glass properly and quickly. Their years of experience allow them to diagnose the problem and then provide an efficient and effective repair.

Receiving a Warranty

You want to ensure that the glasswork you’re paying for is guaranteed. When you work with a reputable glass company, they offer a warranty program. As long as you comply with the terms of the warranty, it will cover the maintenance and repair of your new glass.

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