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When you are running a business, you know the importance of aesthetic appeal. At Osage Beach Glass, we specialize in commercial glass services. We strive to build long-term relationships based on customer satisfaction and the highest service standards.

Osage Beach Glass serves all commercial properties throughout Osage Beach, Missouri, Lake Ozark, Missouri, Rocky Mount, Missouri, Versailles, Missouri, and Eldon, Missouri. We also offer other services, such as residential glass, showers and mirrors, auto glass, and boat glass. With more than four decades of expertise and tools to perform the job quickly, we offer our customers speedy commercial glass repair and replacement. 

Our company works with small business owners, general contractors, and property management companies to install new storefront windows for both new and existing buildings. We offer a simple and streamlined process for commercial glass installation to make your work easier. Our goal is to provide the best glass services for the businesses in our community with the efficiency to keep your business up and running. 

Trust Us for All of Your Commercial Glass Work

Osage Beach Glass strives to offer the best value in commercial glass repair and replacement services. Our professionals are as respectful and courteous as they are skilled. When we visit your commercial property, we work quickly and as quietly as possible. We always practice utmost care to maintain clean and safe workspaces. 

Once our job is complete, we wish to leave the area cleaner than we found it. Osage Beach Glass offers commercial glass services to the following properties:

  •         Storefronts
  •         Hotels
  •         Hospitals
  •         Restaurants
  •         Apartments / condos
  •         Schools and more

Whether you need commercial glass installation, repairs, or replacement, Osage Beach Glass can see that it’s done right and efficiently.

Our Commercial Glass Services

Osage Beach Glass is committed to making your business run efficiently. Take advantage of our various commercial glass services to keep your business thriving and operating smoothly. 

Storefront Window and Glass Installation

Our professionals can install storefront glass, windows, sneeze guards, and mirrors. Our thorough and customized process will ensure that you have a beautiful and durable storefront for many years to come.  


Osage Beach Glass is the preferred partner for general contractors and hotel ownership alike for hotel glass installation, hotel glass shower doors, and all exterior hotel glass windows. We have built a strong reputation as a trusted hotel glass installer and partner for hotel construction. We can handle any large hotel glass project in Osage Beach and the nearby areas.

When we say we understand your needs, we mean it. We know that hotel glass projects are incredibly complicated. We have the experience to handle big commercial projects like hotels. We know all about Missouri weather to prevent water intrusion.

We have an extensive range of interior and exterior hotel glass, and we can also custom fabricate to your exact specifications. Since hotel construction is a team project, we pride ourselves in top-notch communication so you won’t waste time and energy following up for a status report.  


Hospitals are the most complex type of buildings. Every hospital has a variety of services and functional units. From diagnostic and treatment functions, like clinical laboratories, imaging, emergency rooms, and surgery to hospitality functions, such as food service and housekeeping to the fundamental inpatient care or bed-related function, there are several areas with different glass installation needs.

At Osage Beach Glass, we can handle them all. We have been installing, repairing, and replacing hospital glass for more than forty years. Our professionals will take care of your hospital glass jobs quickly and efficiently. 


At Osage Beach Glass, we specialize in restaurant window installation. We are true craftsmen and professional glazers and we deliver the best in commercial glass services. Our goal is to get your restaurant window installation done quickly and correctly. 

We also offer window replacement and restaurant window repair when you need it. When you choose us for your restaurant glass services, we guarantee to give only the best services. Our windows are energy efficient to help you save up on energy bills. 

Apartments / Condos

Osage Beach Glass doesn’t just work with homeowners, we also work with multi-family units like apartments and condos. Our team can work with you on individual replacement or renovation needs as well as large-volume installations. Whether you need window replacement, patio or glass slider door replacement, or shower door installation, we can help you. 

We understand that installation and repairs should happen fast and get done right the first time, so we make sure that happens. Call us to find out how we can help you manage glass repair or custom glass installation for your apartment communities or condominium unit. 

Schools and More

When you need a glass installation for schools in Osage Beach, we are the men for the job. From grade schools to high schools to colleges, we have installed and repaired hundreds of glass in many schools in the area. We have the experience and knowledge to handle glass installation, repair, and replacement quickly and properly. 

Since schools are only empty for certain months in a year, scheduling glass replacement or installation becomes our top priority. That’s why communication with general contractors and suppliers is also very critical. Osage Beach Glass has been handling these projects for many years now, so you have peace of mind that the project will be completed before the school year starts.

Choose Osage Beach Glass

Osage Beach Glass is focused on providing professional, cost-effective solutions for commercial properties. We are a locally owned and operated business, and we are highly skilled in any glass-related service for your business.

Osage Beach Glass has been helping our customers with their commercial glass needs for many years. We have been able to accomplish this as a result of the responsibility and respect that we showcase on every job. Whatever your glass needs are, we are ready to work with you!

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