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Did your boat windshield shatter, break, or crack? Whether your boat is a small or commercial vessel, you can depend on state-of-the-art flatboat glass from Osage Beach Glass. We specialize in custom boat glass repair and replacement. 

Our team proudly serves all marine vehicles throughout Osage Beach, Missouri, Lake Ozark, Missouri, Rocky Mount, Missouri, Versailles, Missouri, and Eldon, Missouri. We use a special technology that allows us to print decorative borders or opaque brands for surface mounted glass. You can customize our glasswork even further by having company logos or designs printed directly onto the surface of the glass. 

Our Boat Glass Replacement Process

When you call us to fix your boat glass, we will come out to wherever your boat is stored. We will measure the glass properly to make a pattern. Once we have the pattern, we will take it back to our shop and cut the glass. 

We do this for two reasons. First, tempered glass is stronger than normal glass. It can take the pounding that driving a boat in waves can cause. 

The second is for safety. Tempered glass is considered safety glass. When someone in the boat gets thrown through the glass, it will break up into thousands of tiny pieces that are less likely to severely cut them. 

Normal annealed glass breaks into a few, big, sharp pieces of glass that can severely damage a person. After the glass is tempered and ready, we come back to the location of your boat and install the glass and clean up any broken glass left behind. 

Benefits of Hiring Professional Glass Service

Your preferences change over time. It’s important to choose a professional boat glass service for all of your projects. Below are some of the benefits of hiring a professional glass service. 

Access to Quality Materials

Every part contributes to the overall performance of your boat glass. When the wrong material and parts are used, your boat glass may not function as desired. A professional company knows all the parts needed for any particular job. 

Through experience, they also know where to source quality products. Expert installers also use modern equipment and technology to perform repairs and installations. This guarantees a safe, quick, and outstanding service. 

Proper Installation

When your boat glass is installed properly, it does not only boost curb appeal. It can also save you a lot of money.

Poorly installed boat glass can cause damage to your boat and the people inside it. Professional glass companies have the know-how to install glass correctly, and they follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. They also consider the local climate to ensure the components they choose won’t be damaged or distorted by temperature fluctuations. 

Licensed and Insured

A professional company that provides boat glass services are licensed and insured. These companies assure their customers of secure and safe services. They will keep their customers out of harm’s way. 

Before choosing a glass company, make sure that they are legally licensed to perform the job. Check if they are insured and licensed. 


Since most non-professionals have other jobs and their families to attend to, this means that repairing or replacing their glass needs might continue to be procrastinated for a long time. When your boat glass remains unfixed, you can feel more stressed.

That’s why you need to hire professional boat glass replacement and repair services for your needs. They will provide you a satisfactory glass replacement and repair services in a timely manner. 

Reduced Threats and Increased Safety

Reducing and minimizing the threat to your boat is a distinguishing feature of any professional glass replacement services you want to hire.

Different types of boat glass require different treatment. Non-professionals normally have no idea about doing the right thing. The wrong treatment can result in severe physical injury and damage to the window.

That’s why you need professionals. They have the experience and knowledge to carefully repair all types of windows. This reduces the risks of damage and ensures the project is done safely and properly. 

Professional Boat Glass Services

Osage Beach Glass is your certified boat glass team. Whether you have a small or larger commercial boat, we have the expertise to ensure your boat glass repair or replacement is done properly.

Osage Beach Glass focuses on quality for your boat windows repair. We understand that your boat needs to hold up through all kinds of weather and conditions – hot sun, strong winds, rain, and waves from oceans. That’s why you want your boat glass replacement or repair done properly the first time.

Our team focuses on the quality of our workmanship and ensure the best quality materials for your boat window repair. We want to make sure that you have the peace of mind you deserve. 

We always put your safety first. We want to get the longest life out of your boat and its glass windows or windshield. That’s why all our work is backed by a one-year labor service. 

How to Know if Your Boat Glass is for Repair or Replacement

Do you want to know whether your boat glass needs to be repaired or replaced? Proper repair and installation can make all the difference when it comes to your boat’s windows. Trying to deal with broken glass on your own can be incredibly dangerous. 

A good rule of thumb to follow is that a broken window needs to be replaced, while a leaking window can be repaired. If you’re still in doubt, call us so we can answer all your questions.

Look out for these signs to determine when you should call us:

  •         The seal between the window frame and the fiberglass of the boat has broken.

  •         Your windows have black aluminum frames, which can cause the seal to break due to heat.

  •         Windows do not slide or open well.

  •         Your windows or windshield are broken.

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