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Your windows are the most vulnerable when it comes to different kinds of damage. Fogged windows are the most common problem for homeowners. If you need reliable glass windows professionals in Osage Beach, Missouri, Osage Beach Glass is ready to help.

We have been in the industry for more than four decades. Our technicians are all licensed and certified to carry out our jobs. We are the most trusted glass company in the area. 

Fogged and Cracked Window Replacement

Insulated glass windows or double-paned glass, triple-paned glass or insulated glass, can lose their seal over time, causing windows to fog up or drip with condensation. Once the seals are gone, moisture becomes trapped between the panes and can disrupt your view in a haze of fog.

When your windows are in good condition, the panes are separated by an air-sealed space that reduces energy transfer in and out of a home or building, creating a multi-layer sandwich of air and glass. Thus, it reduces your energy bills. When your glass is fogging up, that gas or air that has escaped through the failed seal will allow a small amount of water within to create a fog.

If you think your windows need to be repaired, call the professionals from Osage Beach Glass. Our team will diagnose and tell you whether or not your foggy windows can be repaired or if they need to be replaced. Foggy windows can make your home less energy-efficient, so call us for professional assistance.

Why You Need to Repair Broken Glass Immediately

When your glass windows break, you may feel tempted to board it up instead of immediately scheduling emergency glass repair. However, it’s important to repair or replace the glass immediately for the sake of your home and family.

Below are the reasons why you need to repair broken glass immediately. 


A broken window is not like dropping a glass cup. When you allow a large amount of broken glass to lay inside or outside your home, a pet or child can easily get cut or injured. 

Security Risk

Thieves can easily target your home if you have an access point, like a broken window. Repairing your windows immediately makes it harder for people to enter undetected. 

Entryway to the Elements

Boarding up a window isn’t the same as emergency home window replacement. The longer you go without repairing your window, the more insects, animals, and outdoor elements can make their way inside your home. This can lead to damage and high utility costs. 

What are the Benefits of Insulated Glass Windows?

Insulated glass windows are made of two or more panes of glass that are separated by an air-sealed space. These panes are sealed tight at the edges to allow for effective insulation. This type of window is built primarily to reduce heat transfer within a building. 

Below are the benefits of insulated glass windows. 

Provides a cozy and comfortable home

Insulated glass windows are built to be very effective thermal barriers. They allow heat to be retained during winter and keep heat out during summer.

These windows have two or more layers of glass. With each layer, more heat passes through and gets trapped, allowing the window to be protected from the heat loss. Good quality window insulation also helps in regulating the surface temperature of the glass.

Insulated windows are a big help when experiencing extreme weather temperatures, like extremely cold winters and steaming summers. The temperatures are regulated, making your stay inside your home cozy and comfortable. 

Lowers your carbon footprint by saving energy

Insulated glass windows can prevent heat loss when it is cold and sustain this cool air when it is hot. This will then reduce the power being consumed to maintain the inside of your building at the desired temperature.

The thermal insulation of these windows allows less energy to be used for the heating and cooling of a room. You can then turn down any heating or air conditioning units you may have in your home. It will not only provide you comfort, but you will also be helping out the environment in the process. 


Installing insulated glass windows costs a lot more than other types. However, when you consider the amount of money that will be shaved off your electric bill over the long term, the initial costs will be worth it.

Keeping the comfortable conditions of your home is one of the more expensive parts of maintaining a home. The heat and cold inside a home will have you playing around with your HVAC systems accordingly. By using insulated glass windows, your energy consumption will surely go down. 

Wide Range of Choices

When installing insulated glass windows, there are so many choices that you can make about customizing your windows. Insulated windows generally come as double-paned. However, you may also opt to have three, four, or even more glass panels installed for added insulation.

You may also choose the number of low-emittance coatings your windows may have. These coatings offer additional protection against heat or cold. 

Noise Reduction

Insulated glass windows use more glass panes than your regular window. Aside from providing heat insulation, it can also help out with noise reduction. 

This thick layer of glass prevents sounds and noises from the outside from going inside your home. The air in between the glass panes limits noise from passing through. 

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