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Entertaining guests in your backyard can be one of the most enjoyable parts of summer. However, insects and inclement weather can put a damper on the festivities. For more than four decades, Osage Beach Glass has provided homeowners with professional screen porch services.

We can help you reclaim your slice of the great outdoors. When you choose us for your screen porch services, you’ll realize a few different benefits. We proudly serve all homeowners throughout Osage Beach, Missouri, Lake Ozark, Missouri, Rocky Mount, Missouri, Versailles, Missouri, and Eldon, Missouri.

Your outdoor furniture will also have a longer lifespan since it won’t have to endure the same abuse as tables and chairs on an uncovered porch. When you work with an experienced builder like us, you’ll also boost the curb appeal of your home. You will not only be able to escape bugs and rain during the summer, but you’ll also have relief from the scorching heat.

Find Relief with Our Screened-In Porches

When you’re frustrated with canceling summer barbecues due to thunderstorms or insects, call Osage Beach Glass to see how a covered patio can transform your home. Whether you live in Osage Beach or the surrounding areas, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best services and quality materials from us. 

Porch and Patio Rescreening

When your screen enclosure is showing signs of wear and tear, Osage Beach Glass provides screen repairs and replacement services to bring back its original beauty and usefulness. With your choice of insect or sun control screening fabric, you will be enjoying your porch and patio again in no time. 

Porch and Patio Screen Repair

Screen enclosure repairs occasionally need new frames to replace the older, damaged frames. Osage Beach Glass has a variety of options for replacing the screen frames on your porch including wood and aluminum. 

Osage Beach Glass repairs and re-screens hundreds of enclosures every year. We have the right tools and equipment to repair your porch or enclosure properly. We are insured, bonded, and licensed to work on any home or commercial property. 

Pet Screen Installation

Who doesn’t love their pets? Sadly, they love destroying your home’s screens. With our pet screens, you will love both your screens and pets again. We offer pet screens to make your porch and enclosure more pet friendly and pet-resistant. 

Our pet-resistant screens are designed to put up with the rough treatment your pet may dish out from time to time. The size of your pet and the damage that it can cause will determine the best screen to fit your needs.

The Benefits of a Screened-In Porch

After a long winter, everyone craves sunshine and warmth. Imagine all the things you can do outdoors now that the weather is nice. However, as soon as those first hot and steamy summer days arrive, you usually find it more comfortable to stay in your cool, air-conditioned dwellings.

Osage Beach Glass has the perfect solution. Having a screened-in porch is the answer you need. Whether you want to convert your existing front porch or build a separate structure off the back of your house, our screened-in porches provide a lot of benefits. 

No More Insects and Bugs

With a screened-in porch, you don’t have to worry about insects and bugs flying around while you are trying to read, nap, or dine. While you can do all of these things inside your home, it’s even better if you can enjoy the warm breeze and the refreshing smell of the fresh-cut grass. 

In contrast, a screened-in porch is perfect for all of those activities and helps bring you closer to the outdoors. Furthermore, bugs are not the only nuisance pets your screens will keep away. They will also keep larger wildlife such as squirrels and raccoons off your porch. 

Adds Privacy

We understand that the mesh screen is see-through. However, it still creates a decent privacy barrier between your porch and your neighbors. Moreover, if you want to improve your street-facing front porch, a mesh screen can offer a barrier to protect you from passersby.  

Use It Year-Round

With a few small additions, your screened-in porch can be used during all four seasons. It protects your porch furniture and other belongings from rain and snow so that you won’t have to bring your furniture in. It also offers a shield from the strong gusts of wind that make the outdoors intolerable in fall and winter. 

You simply add a wood stove and you will have a comfortable place to sip your hot coffee or play board games with your family members.  

Extends Your Living Space

Several people have decks, patios, and open front porches that they really don’t use. Often, these outdoor spaces are too hot during summers, not private enough, or simply impractical. 

Other people prefer to have more functional indoor space. If any of this sounds familiar, then a screened-in porch is the best solution. It will help you gain extra space where you need it without losing touch with nature. 

You will get a sense of openness and the outdoor experience while enjoying all the comforts of indoor living space. Also, it requires minimal maintenance and the weather won’t get in your way.

The Screen Porch Professionals

At Osage Beach Glass, we build screen porch enclosures and manufacturing, repairing, and installing porch screens. Whatever the size and shape of your porch, we can provide you with the best price and installation of your screen porch or patio enclosure. We only use high-quality products in the construction of all our porch and patio screen enclosures.

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